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Our Story

It all started with the family pet, a Westie pup named Rosco, and his hooman mom who left the corporate environment to become a stay-at-home dog mom.
Rosco and Mom wearing a Westie dog mom shirt.
Hi, my name is Donna and I’m Rosco’s mom. Rosco is a one year old West Highland White Terrier pup. Westies are known for notoriously digging in dirt or mud and will chase and pounce on the tiniest of bugs. Rosco chases flies, grasshoppers, mosquitoes and even gnats! Most Westies love to chase anything that moves especially squirrels. Then one day I saw him chasing a butterfly around our backyard and at that very moment...Rosco’s Motto was formed.

"Life is short...
Play in the mud
Chase squirrels
Boop butterflies."

I wanted to preserve this motto and share it with every other pup and pawrent. So a designer was hired and together we created the one and only whimsical Rosco’s Motto work of art.

Over 20 years ago I was an entrepreneur and it was one of the most rewarding times of my life. The desire to work for myself again along with providing an outlet for creativity sparked the flame for R3 Pet Gear. My husband William and I discussed a plan, a product and a concept that has now come to full light. 

So, why the name R3?

Rosco’s full name is Rosco Rice Richardson, hence R3. It seems only fitting since he’s the inspiration behind our brand.

Rosco and Mom Rosco and Dad

Rosco Hi Five Rosco in the Mud

Rosco and Kenzie Rosco June 2021 - 6 months 


Rosco’s motto and booping butterflies is a concept we want everyone to remember about R3 Pet Gear. You’ll find many of our designs fashioned on our t-shirts, tanks, dog bowls, blankets, water bottles and more. It may seem we cater to the Westie following however, we want all pups and their owners to embrace the innocent natural play all pets enjoy. As we grow our product line will develop to include a variety of dog breeds.

We have sourced the best shirt print providers and unique pet accessories around. And many of our items can be personalized as well making them exceptional dog mom, dad or dog lover gift ideas. If you browse our site and cannot find your breed’s accessory please reach out to us. Your suggestion may be on the drawing table.

Rosco's Motto on a blanket Rosco's Motto on Insulated Water Bottle

Rosco's Motto on Gray Shirt Rosco's Motto on White Mug

Rosco's Motto on Frenchie Dog Bowl Rosco's Motto with Black Lettering T-shirt


R3 Pet Gear is still in its infancy…pretty much like Rosco. As he grows he will inspire us more to create unique pet accessories for pets and their pawrents. His adventures will lead to new and exciting sparks of creativity for products you’ll love to use and be proud to own. We hope you visit often and discover with us the exciting pet accessories yet to come.

Thank you!!

William Richardson