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We are home of the Rosco's Motto Dog Mom & Dog Dad T-Shirts!

Woof - Woof

Welcome to R3 Pet Gear - Unique Pet Accessories and home of the exclusive "Rosco's Motto" T-shirt. We are all about the abundant joys of a dog's life. And we captured that joy in our cute vibrant colored shirt design.

As pet owners, we often stop the natural play our dogs desire when it doesn't go along with our schedule. We want all pup owners to embrace the innocent play they enjoy. Let them live it in the mud, chase squirrels, boop butterflies. Moments like these are innocent and carefree, and the ones we will cherish forever.

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Pet Strollers

Our pet strollers make walking and traveling fun and easy for both you and your pet. When you pup can't walk due to surgery or injury or is just too tire our strollers allow a way for you both to continue to enjoy the outdoors safely.

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Mobile Dog Gear Water Bottles

Stainless steel water bottle for dogs include a cup or bowl in the lid making it easy for your pet to drink water when on the go. Water bottle is provided by Mobile Dog Gear.

Water Bottles for Dogs

Looking for a simple way to keep your pup hydrated during walks to the park or when hiking? Then you'll love this lightweight stainless steel water bottle from Mobile Dog Gear. The lid converts into a convenient drinkable cup. Available in a large and small sizes and three colors.

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I purchased the 50” x 60” Schnauzer blanket and love the look and feel. It’s very soft and not too heavy. Highly recommend this for anyone who likes to cover up and be cozy.


Mike Gorenflo


I received a westie water bottle and absolutely love it! The design is super cute, the bottle is very sturdy and keeps your drink cold! Highly recommend! I also got a t-shirt and it is perfect and so comfy!

Miranda Sutton


Saw this lively, colorful towel that I could customize with an image of a Pug and had to have it. My Kiki and I love it! It is so colorful and cheery while we are sitting out by the pool together. Thanks for the customization. Her standing reminds me of how she greets me every time I come in the door. Full of love and joy! Thanks for a great product. This towel is thick and plush. But not too heavy/thick. Just right.


PupProtector Waterproof Throw Blanket for dogs. Unique dog blanket to protect furniture.


My Kiki loves her new blanket. It’s thick, plush, pretty enough to drape over furniture and it’s water proof! Everything you want for your fur babies. Very happy with it.

Debra Courtney

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